Ayurvedic Treatments


Traditional Ayurvedic massage is a full body, gentle massage focusing on the body’s lymphatic pathways.


We begin first with Garshana, a light exfoliation of the skin with the use of silk gloves. This allows for an increase in circulation and lymph movement as well as opening the pores in the skin.

After Garshana, we begin Abyanga, a warm oil body massage that focuses on areas of the body where the highly developed network of lymph nodes are located, including the mammary glands. Ayurvedic massage restores balance and energy to the body as well as removing physiological impurities from the tissues. It also brings about a number of subjective changes in mood, such as relaxation and a feeling of well-being. It is best to experience these subjective changes in order to fully appreciate them!


The Benefits of Traditional Ayurvedic Massage

  • Calming of the nervous system

  • Release of deep holding patterns

  • Stimulation of antibody production

  • Opening the flow of Prana (life force)

  • Improvement in texture and vitality of the

  • Conditioning and integration of all nine body

  • Helps recovery after liposuction



Note: During your Ayurvedic massage the breasts & stomach are exposed to work the lymph nodes in the breast tissue. The therapist can adjust this technique if you are uncomfortable.


Shirodhara remains one the oldest Indian/Aurvedic treatments still in practice today. Shirodahara relaxes the nervous system, which effects all other systems, such as the endocrine system and digestion.  It has a ripple effect in balancing the body and the mind.


The Shirodhara treatment takes 60 minutes.  It begins with a gentle head, neck and back massage to relax the brain and body, preparing the recipient for the full effect of the treatment.  We ask that you bring a towel, and old hat or scarf to cover your head after the treatment.  You may also bring a container that will hold up to 6 cups of liquid to take home the high quality sesame oil that will be used during your

treatment.  This oil can be used as a body or bath oil at home.


If combined with with a full body Ayurvedic massage (Abyanga, see above), both the body and the brain experience a balanced form of
communication allowing the brain to do it’s vital job: taking care of the body, uninterrupted.

60 minute Garshana/Abyanga massage: $72/90 minute $92

60 minute Shirodhara: $130

90 minute Shirodhara & Abyanga combo: $160


Our Ayurvedic massage therapist is trained & certified in Ayurvedic therapies.