Ear Coning

This procedure has been known for centuries, and was used by Egyptians and Native Americans.

Coning or candling, as it is also called, involves the use of a hollow candle with a tapered end. The tapered end of the candle is placed at the edge of the ear and the opposite, larger end is lit with a match. The flame creates a vacuum in the ear, which draws excess wax, fungus, bacteria, and yeast deposits from the ear canal. It may also draw excess fluid from the ear, sinus and lymph glands. Additionally, this technique is known to release blockages in the subtle energy centers near the upper chest, neck, jaw, and head.


The Ear Coning Treatment

During the treatment you are lying comfortably, on a massage table or futon. Gentle, relaxing music is played during your treatment. A total of four cones are generally used, two for each ear.  When the coning is completed, you might notice your hearing improves or your head feels lighter, especially if a blockage of wax has moved inside your ear. Your ears could feel airy and more sensitive to subtle sounds and tones. You may experience a sense of wellness, well-being, and relaxation.


The Benefits of Ear Coning


  • Softens ear wax

  • Draws fungus, yeast, and bacteria from ear canals & sinuses

  • Health maintenance

  • Clears sinus and lymph glands

  • Removes excess fluid

  • Soothing and relaxing

Our ear coning specialist uses soy or paraffin dipped ear candles. Please inform us of any allergies.


30 minute ear coning: $45

60 minute ear coning: $65