Amethyst Point, Jen Wood, LMT massage therapy
Amethyst Point, Jen Wood, LMTmassage therapy


It's fun to find out...

Time for a tune up ;) 


Tired of the same ol' massage music? I am.


I have been experimenting with some new music to help you relax. Using my Spotify account, I can find just about anything you would like to hear. Classical? Falling rain? Jazz? Arabic Hits of the 90's? The sound of a dryer running for an hour? (trust me it's awesome) We can give anything a try. 


Give me some suggestions on your next visit. Spotify has pre made playlists in all genres, or I can create a playlist just for you (I just made a killer 80's playlist for singing in the car) or we can play your favorite album or band on shuffle. 

Eye Pillows

Ever wonder why I put a pillow on your eyes during your massage treatment? There are several reasons really. I started this practice many years ago when I had a regular client that would keep his eyes open during the massage. I thought, "well, he doesn't seem very relaxed." I added the eye pillow to my practice to help those who have trouble starting the letting go process at the beginning of a treatment.


Come to find out light pressure on the eyeballs lowers your heart rate by evoking the oculocardiac reflex and stimulates the vagus nerve, which regulates your heart rate, mood, and digestion. It helps your belly and brain relax and may make you a bit hungry (sorry, I don't provide snacks).


I also find it easier to relax in a darkened space than in a bright one and my new massage room can get pretty bright in the afternoon even with room darkening curtains. Now I use the eye pillow on everyone after I've massaged and stretched your head and neck to tell your brain that now it's time to fall into the massage.


I recommend getting an eye pillow for home & office use. It only takes a few minutes laying down on the couch or reclining in your desk chair to help lower your heart rate and get your belly ready for lunch ;)

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